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Are you looking for a way to take your business to the next level with artificial intelligence? If so, then you need a comprehensive AI strategy. At its core, an AI strategy should be designed to help you achieve your business goals by leveraging the power of AI.

If your business doesn‘t have an AI strategy, now is the time to develop one. Doing so will position you to take advantage of the many opportunities that AI presents.

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An AI Strategy should be ...

Business Goals

An AI strategy should be designed to help you achieve your business goals by leveraging the power of AI.


To that end, your AI strategy should be tailored to your specific business needs and objectives.

Evolve and adapt

Moreover, it should be designed to evolve and adapt as your business grows and changes.


Finally, your AI strategy should be wellintegrated with the rest of your business strategy.

If you can nail all of that, then you'll be well on your way to reaping the many benefits that AI has to offer.

We use Aigency's 3+6 approach to setup an AI Strategy

The first 3 topics in an AI Strategy are:

  1. Business Strategy
  2. Strategic AI Priorities
  3. Short-term AI adoption priorities
And for each strategic priority, the +6 topics are part of the strategy.

4. Data Strategy

5. Ethical & Legal

6. Technology

7. Skills & Capacity

8. Implementation

9. Change Management

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