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How will AI-based tools for making content affect your business, products, and services? All the new options, tools, and technologies have opened up new ways to grow, save, and take risks. The ability of tools like ChatGPT to change how employees and customers interact with your business and IT operations, as well as one or more of your main products or services opens up new possibilities.

Reference Case GPT-4 & DALL-E 2 for persona based Marketing


The goal of this project was to enhance the effectiveness of advertising efforts. To achieve this, we employed an innovative, data-driven approach to derive audience personas from social media data, enabling us to fine-tune the advertising campaigns with more personalized content and messaging.


We built a machine-learning model to analyze and group customers based on their social media activities, including their posts, interests, and connections. The model was designed to identify commonalities among users to establish distinct customer personas. We employed DALL-E 2, a generative AI model, to generate corresponding profile images to bring these personas to life. Simultaneously, we utilized GPT-4 to create detailed, comprehensive descriptions of each persona’s character traits.

Finally, we scored each persona according to the DiSC framework, an established psychological model that classifies people’s behavior into four distinct types: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. This allowed us to understand the personas’ preferred ways of communication, helping us establish a set of communication do’s and don’ts for each persona.


Adopting this approach has resulted in a significant uplift in advertising impact. By creating detailed customer personas, we have effectively tailored the advertising messages, increasing engagement, conversions, and customer satisfaction. Understanding customer behavior has been enhanced, paving the way for more personalized, effective communication.

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From social media to customer segments and with GPT-4 and Dalle-2 to personas

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Do more with ChatGPT! Get started with advanced prompt engineering techniques to improve your prompts and add extra context for better understanding. And discover how we have applied these techniques in our own environment with our own data.


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