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Westfort processes around 1000 tons of pork products every day. The quality requirements are among the strictest in the world. To be able to manage this optimally, the company is always looking for new technological possibilities. They used an AI Design Week to investigate and prove the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence.

Westfort classifies pigs and checks whether it is a bear, sow, or gilt when processing pork products. Until recently, this classification was done only by humans.

Westfort has devised and realized a solution that uses cameras and Azure Cognitive Services to divide pigs into three variants in real-time. We take a snapshot every 5.33 seconds and classify that automatically via machine learning. Westfort uses edge computing in combination with the computing power of the cloud.

Because storing the snapshots with the classification, follow-up analysis is possible, an essential step in the data maturity of Westfort.

This improvement and retraining is an ongoing process because the environment is changing, and errors may arise. These changes require you to improve the model, something where human expertise is and remains very important.

Westfort has worked together in a mixed team. We included the people at Westfort at all activities that we were doing. Through this co-creation, business knowledge and expertise in the field of AI came together effectively.

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