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Paaspop Festival

Small Model, Great Impact

Many organizations think that you need a complex problem and a lot of data to make an impact with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. The well-known Paaspop festival shows that this is not the case. During the festival, data is collected using sensors. A simple model has been created with which we can make a positive impact on the experience of the festival-goer and increase the turnover of the festival.

How did we create this win-win-win-win situation?

I am amazed and positively surprised what can come out of a Machine Learning model

Chris Seijkens
CEO Paaspop

Shorter queues, more enjoyment



Paaspop is a three-day music festival every year during the Easter weekend in Schijndel in The Netherlands. The organization of Paaspop has two essential objectives. The first is to create the most pleasant experience possible for the festival-goer. In addition, Paaspop is also looking at how they can increase turnover.

The festival-goers want to enjoy their favorite artists, such as Bløf or Kensington, as much as possible. So if you’re going to get a drink during performances, it is annoying if you have to queue for a long time at a bar. Therefore, the question was how to distribute people as optimally as possible over the available bars. In such a way, everyone queues as short as possible and can enjoy the performances as long as possible.


A machine learning model solved this problem with a simple algorithm that makes a prediction based on sensor data. The model predicts the crowds at a bar and can lead the festival-goer to the bar where you have the shortest queue.

Ultimately, a screen above the bar can indicate where the waiting time is the shortest. The beauty of this solution is that it creates a win-win-win-win situation. The festival goer, the exhibitor, the organization, and the beverage suppliers will benefit from this solution because irritation about waiting too long turns into ‘I’ll get something quickly.’


After all, if you as a festival-goer stand in line shorter, you will be more inclined to get new drinks. In this way, the exhibitor can sell more and part of that turnover is transferred by the exhibitors to the organization.

After all, parties such as Coca-Cola and Heineken also benefit from the increase in consumption. Chris Seijkens, CEO of Paaspop, about this Machine Learning model: “I am surprised and positively surprised at what can come out of it. The visitor to the festival comes out as co-winner.”

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