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Logiqs - Advanced Vertical Farming systems

AI Design Week provides new insights and practical tools

Predictive Maintenance


As a supplier of industrial equipment, Logiqs must keep up with the times and be knowledgeable of the latest trends and developments. The possibilities that AI offers are of particular interest to the company, so it wants to get its developers excited to get started with AI. It is also interesting for them to develop an ecosystem in this area with partners and employees, both for their traditional systems (for example, logistics and greenhouse horticulture) and for future projects (vertical farming). In their search for a company that can help them with this, Logiqs quickly found us. The AI ​​Design Week appealed to them greatly.

Everything in a week

This AI Design Week is unique because our AI-experts work one whole week together with the customer’s developers, in this case, Logiqs, on a pre-agreed assignment. “In this week, we devote our full attention to the assignment. A huge advantage”, says Téa Stojanovic, AI business consultant at Aigency. “When you start working on a new project, new elements or issues always arise. If you include it in your process, you will eventually stray from your goal. Focusing entirely on that one hypothesis and not having time for “deviations,” we keep heading straight for our goal. We will write down new findings so that we can deal with them at another time.”

“The limited duration of one week made it a no-brainer for us to participate in the AI ​​Design Week,” says Marijn, who did not participate in the week but did supervise the process from Logiqs. “Today, you have to be able to set up something very quickly with software and learn from it at a rapid pace. If something like this takes several weeks, you may find that at some point, you should have done something different in your first week. By doing everything in one week, you can deal with this more flexibly. In addition, it is easier for us to schedule several employees completely off for five days so that they can focus on this, without the distraction of other activities.”

How is the AI ​​Design Week going?

Before AI Design Week kicks off, Aigency’s experts and customer developers meet for a half-day to brainstorm ideas and hypotheses to be covered during the week. The wishes and possibilities of the customer are, of course, central to this. Ultimately, one idea is chosen together. In the case of Logiqs, it was about predicting when a particular outage will occur so that they can anticipate it.

After the developers had first followed a three-day AI training, they started their AI assignment in collaboration with us. Our AI-experts started setting up and training an AI model while the developers enriched and cleaned up the necessary data. “Unfortunately, on Thursday, the fourth day, we were unable to predict the failures,” says Melvin Ducaneaux, senior software engineer at Logiqs and participant in AI Design Week. “First of all, disappointment dominates because you are all working hard on a solution anyway, and then it is annoying when it turns out that what you want is not possible. But we soon realized that this intensive week had been very successful because we gained so many new insights and learned a lot in the field of AI.”

New insights

Then it turned out that it was not possible to predict failures based on the current data, the Aigency and Logiqs team started looking for what was needed to make this model successful. This was then put on paper so that the developers know what they need to take the next steps towards an even better product in the future.

In addition, it has become apparent that it is necessary to involve AI experts in any project. A three-day course is useful and teaches the basics, but of course, does not give the knowledge that the experts have already acquired during their education and career. That is why it was great during the AI ​​Design Week that the developers of Logiqs could build on the expertise of their teammates from Aigency.




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