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And the winner is ...

We celebrated the acquisition of Aigency by Info Support with a great event at the Foodhallen Studio’s in Amsterdam. Read here all about it and discover who’s the winner of the AI Design Week

And the winner is ...

During the event, the attendees could win a free AI Design Week. By describing how AI can help their business to achieve operational excellence, product leadership, or customer intimacy.

The winner of the AI Design Week is … Cock Meerhof of Unigarant

Download Presentation Value Driven Lean AI

Joop Snijder (CTO @ Aigency) presented how to get value out of AI experiments with Value Driven Lean AI. 


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Aigency is the leading digital agency for artificial intelligence. Aigency has experience helping innovation leaders explore opportunities to leverage datasets and find the right AI solution to meet challenges. Our team of experts helps to choose the right solution and guide the process towards a perfect match between technology and objective.

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