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01 - Getting AI-Ready: A Guide for B2B Marketers

AI4Marketing is a podcast series dedicated to helping B2B marketers stay ahead of the curve and become AI-ready. 

Jerrel Arkes and Joop Snijder focus on non-technical B2B marketers, offering short and concise episodes every Monday to help improve their skillset related to AI and remain distinctive in a quickly-evolving field. 

Join our podcast series to learn about how AI can help you to improve your business.

In this inaugural episode of AI4Marketing, Jerrel Arkes and Joop Snijder discuss the importance of B2B marketers improving their skills related to AI. Joop, CTO of Aigency and an expert in using AI in content marketing, and Jerrel, a freelance digital marketer, delve into the changes that companies are expected to see in B2B marketing due to the introduction of AI tools like ChatGPT.

Why Listen to This Podcast?

Joop and Jerrel explain that B2B marketing is changing and that this podcast aims to help B2B marketers improve their skills related to AI. The episodes will cover a range of topics, including the available AI tools, prompt engineering, and different AI use cases for marketing. They also discuss the importance of remaining distinctive when generating marketing assets with AI.

Who is This Podcast For?

The AI4Marketing podcast is focused on non-technical B2B marketers. As Jerrel states, by the end of this decade, there will be two types of companies: those who’ve made AI part of their business, and those who’ve gone out of business. The goal of this podcast is to help the people in the first group improve their skillset.

Format of the Podcast

The episodes will be short and sweet, with a maximum of five minutes, as Joop explains, “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” The podcast will be released every Monday, and listeners can find it on LinkedIn, YouTube, and different podcast channels by searching for “AI4Marketing.”

This podcast series is a collaboration between Aigency, the agency where Joop works, and Inbound4cast, Jerrel’s B2B marketing podcast. Tune in every Monday for the latest insights and tips on how to improve your skills related to AI and stay ahead in the rapidly-evolving world of B2B marketing.

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